4 thoughts on “New class starting soon”

    1. Hi there, That’s a really great idea… I’m intending to put some video up so that people can get a sense of this wonderful form of Qigong! Thank you for your query, Naomi

  1. I just wanted to say that I’ve been going to Naomi’s qigong drop class on a Friday in norwich, I’d been looking for a new journey to help improve my energy levels and general wellbeing, my lower dan-tien had been depleted and I’d been over working generally, I have to say working with Naomi has been a total joy, the classes are full of simple diverse exercises which leave you fully rejuvenated and bursting with chi and vitality, my wellbeing soon came back and I was able to do simple qigong routines at home after learning them in class too. I now want to practice qigong longterm as I truly feel the big benefits and I very much enjoy my classes with Naomi and the different people who are part if the weekly group. So I’d like to shout out to everyone if your looking for a practice to bring you deep health, joy and welbeing I couldn’t recommend Naomi’s qigong classes more.

  2. I’ve been attending zhineng qigong classes for about 12 weeks now and I really like it. I’m a beginner so the sequences and movements are new. The Lift qi up, pour qi down exercise is like a moving meditation that connects mind, body and universal qi. My spine is now stronger and more flexible, my energy is more abundant and I feel better. All in all, it’s a very lovely class and Naomi Hales is a supportive and knowledgeable teacher. After the hour long class I feel peaceful and rejuvenated. I found these classes by chance and I’m so glad I did as at the moment, they are not widely advertised and hearing about it is mostly word of mouth. If you do get to hear of a qigong class with Naomi and you are thinking of giving it a try then I’d recommend it wholehearted.

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