Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming established Zhineng Qigong nearly forty years ago to help people maintain and improve their health, devoting all his time thereafter to sharing its benefits although he had trained in both western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine and was sought after in Beijing as a leading doctor.  He comes from a family of qigong masters and studied under different grandmasters of various styles, bringing together everything into a form of qigong that is both straightforward to learn and highly effective. His motivation was in large part to help prevent people from falling ill in the first place, as well as for individuals to progress to even better experiences of health.

It is now the most widely practiced form of qigong in China and has been recognized for its extraordinary effects in helping people recover from every kind of illness as well as reach higher levels of wellbeing. In addition to the movements and meditations, Dr Pang Ming has developed various hypotheses about the science of qigong illuminating both emerging scientific concepts and age-old wisdom.