Qigong during a pandemic

Here in Norfolk as classes go online and now outdoors in small groups…

I rarely post online and that’s been intentional as the huge carbon footprint of the internet is something I don’t wish to add to beyond what’s needed. Actually if the internet and its devices and the systems supporting them were counted as a country, it would come third in its contribution according to a report in the BBC. That works out at 3.7% of global emissions at the moment, roughly equivalent to the global airline industry. And this is set to double by 2025. Anyone interested in understanding the impact, Mike Berners-Lee has written ‘How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything’ or check out the Carbon Literacy Project.

That said, the paradox is that this is a great time to be doing zhineng qigong and to be able to find out where classes are happening. Not only does it boost our immune system and help regulate our nervous system, it’s very grounding and emotionally balancing at a time when we’re under pressure as individuals and as part of our larger communities and societies.

And some of the people currently benefitting here in Norwich and more widely across Norfolk have been pointing out that these precious sessions are hidden! So just in case you’re someone from the area who’s been looking, you’re welcome to come and do Zhineng Qigong together on Tuesdays at 5pm or Fridays at 3:15pm in the courtyard of Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapelfield East, Norwich NR2 1SF.

At the moment we are only practicing in groups of six with strict physical distancing and plenty of fresh air. Online sessions continue on Thursday mornings at 11am. Please contact me at naomi@qigong.love to book a place or get further details. For those elsewhere in the country I recommend checking out www.3monkeysqigong.co.uk